No particular place to go

The day started out with the usual shooting the breeze at breakfast. I was asking what I might be able to drive around and see today. Grandpa Mick and Barb mentioned that a place called Balanced Rock as well as a Kaiser that was fairly close. In case you do not know, aside from Chrysler products I am also a big Kaiser fan, really big.

So I mounted my purple steed and rubbernecked around the area. I didn’t find the Kaiser that he was talking about, it appears that it was moved, but I did happen to find another one not too far. Who knows, it might be the one he was referring to and it was moved. I just cruised up and down the streets admiring the scenery and riding the road.

My next adventure involved me driving to Balanced Rock, approximately 10 miles awayDSC_0105 (2) from my grandfathers house. It must have been a pretty funny sight for anyone watching me drive on by. Again, my head was sticking above the windshield,as I did my best Jeffrey the Giraffe imitation with my hat was blowing in the wind as I squinted my eyes. Eventually I found a picnic area among the rocks before finding the rock itself. Of course then I took my photo shoot.
DSC_0180 (2)

After messing around for 15 minutes I made my way back to Buhl, stopping by in the town of Castleford for a quick drive through, don’t blink otherwise you’d miss it. After my aimless wandering back to Buhl I wound my way back to my grandpa’s house just in time for half an hour of downpour.

During that time I found  Gary Nelson, a friend of my grandfather’s working on a Ford 8N tractor. Mr. Nelson is a big Dodge nut and is going to give me some pointers when it comes time to build my engine. This 8N was being rebuilt because someone speed shifted DSC_0185 (2)the transmission, buggering it all up.  I shot the breeze with him and assisting in a few ways, while the downpour dissipated. After talking about Dodges and Mopars for a while he decided that enough work had been done on the tractor and headed out. Mr. Nelson did tell me that he would send me some information on how I might be able to spruce up my flathead  without doing anything major.

Not much else happened after that, just lots of conversation with everyone at the house and dinner. Not everything can be exciting, but I think more people should spend time just talking to one another.

The next day was a moving day. By moving I mean that I moved cars around the yard and helped pick up another one. After my morning routine of breakfast and chatting, Grandpa Mick suggested that I offload the Chevy from the rollback to get some experience. My task DSC_0003was to place it in line with the next one side by side.  After he gave me a brief rundown on what each lever did, moving the bed forward and back, tilting the bed, and operating the winch, I went to work. I had everything lined up but the winch was bound so I could not get the car to lower. After monkeying the winch with a hammer I was able to loosen it, but the Del Ray would not budge…then again she was sitting on three flat tires. I don’t know what I quite did, but she eventually slid down and I used the bed of the rollback to push her right next to the other Del Ray.

WP_20150521_10_59_46_ProAfter that stint grandpa asked me if I wanted to do it again, but to load up the 1958 Buick and move it behind the “toy box”, meaning his car storage bays. This one went fairly well, except I had to have grandpa revving the truck a bit to get the bed to move back into position. Unloading it next to the Edsel was fine. Then after that we went to pick up a 1965 Bel Air Wagon in town and place it back there. I sat in and steered a bit while he winched it up. Once again I fit fine and further fueled the flame to someday have a wagon, something in the early fifties though. Once we got the ‘ol girl up I was once again tasked with unloading her. Everything was set up to go well and once again  I got it into position and the darn thing had started to slide. The winch hookups had come loose and I did not check them…ooops. She slid off the trailer fine but I had to pull her forward a bit to get her in the right position, with some help from Barb at the controls while revved. I was lucky that something was not damaged in the process and will make sure to double check that everything is in place every time. You know what they say about assumptions…

DSC_0282 (2)After I had my fill of loading and unloading I helped Freddie get the bumper on the Thunderbird. After taking apart the bumper and straightening it some more then it was time to line it up. After playing with it for an hour it was time to fly the bird. In my typical fashion I took it out to a scenic area and took pictures with a sunset. Overall I think they came out pretty nice.

The next day was a cruising day.  I made sure to get everyone together for a group shot. After a family portrait I convinced my grandfather to put the top on the Thunderbird to see if I could fit. No one believed that I could, but indeed I did…just not with my hat on. Oh well, you can’t have everything. I kept the top off though and took Great-Grandpa Dutch out on a cruise down to the dairy and back. He had not been for a cruise for years and we had a blast. Dutch was saying that everybody was looking at us, so he waved back; he played the role of Rose Princess perfectly.DSC_0013 (2)

After our parade up and down town we made our way back and had lunch with our freshDSC_0088 milk. You could say that the dairy was milking a lot of my money this week. I drove to the gas station put 10 in the tank and just drove. It was so much fun to just drive. I headed out to the area where the springs were coming out of the hill side.  After more pictures (no surprise) I decided to make my way back. I missed the turn off…and got lost, but like a Hagerty ad I saw, “getting lost is part of the plan”. For me this was not quite true but it worked out. I was on the highway, so I figured it would eventually lead back into downtown Buhl.

After a bit of time I did make my way into Buhl and slowly made my way back home. Sometimes there are vehicles that you just drive for the sake of driving, to have fun, and this was one of them. I need to buy a first generation Thunderbird. I know it is not a true “sports car” but I loved that car. It was definitely the sportiest vehicle I have ever driven.

After I was done having Fun, Fun, Fun it was time to pack up for the journey back home.

The next morning I told everyone goodbye and mounted my green steed to California. Nothing much happened on the way back. I just knew that I was officially in California when I and everyone else came to a stop just over the Cajon pass. At least I knew I was back…


About mecklin21

I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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