Driving in circles

DSC_0001This morning I rolled out of my bed around 6 o’clock to a enjoyable morning conversation with Barb and Great Grandpa Dutch until Grandpa Mick awoke. From there we all talked and enjoyed breakfast while planning the day. The main objective was to pick-up a 1958 Chevrolet Delray (the second of two) which he had traded an early 1960s Cadillac for. Yes, my Grandfather is a consummate horse trader. He had already picked up one of them earlier. I will say that this one is rough. My grandpa has a saying for these types of cars and that is that they are “fine clean and only one owner. This one definitely fell into that category. The other one is in much better shape than this one, but this one is still extremely solid. The DSC_0009biggest part obviously being a slightly crushed in taillight area. Aside from that though it is in a great starting point. We loaded this one up onto the rollback and made our way back. Before leaving though I snapped a picture of this pre-war Chrysler sitting pretty close by. You know how I attached I am to my Mopars.

Just a few minutes later I posted a picture of us loading up the Chevy on the rollback to the World Wide Web and within five minutes of me posting that one of my friends from the college Nick Lechner, who is a 58 Chevy Nut, called. As soon as I saw his name pop up on my phone I knew exactly what he was calling about. So I told him a little about the vehicles and such.

After that I took the ‘ol Shay A out for a drive. I wanted to make my way to the dairy in town and get some milk. I was told that they had all their milk in glass bottles, so I had to get one. I made my way in my purple steed with my giraffe like proportions sticking up over the windshield with my Indiana Jones Fedora blowing in the wind. All I could think of was Dr. Jones driving away from someone pursing him. Eventually I made it into Buhl and pulled  into the dairy. Did I mention that I honked my ahooooga horn at almost anybody? It brings a smile to my face whenever I ahoogahed and so did the people I passed, or maybe it was the look of an obviously big man driving a small car. Who knows?

DSC_0015 (2)Continuing onward. I walked into the dairy with the intention of buying milk, but I saw the homemade ice cream and a blueberry and strawberry cheesecake ice cream called “Independence Day” I knew I had to try it. First off it was cheesecake, that’s already a good selling point for me. Second, with a name like “Independence Day” how could one not try it? Boy was it good. I do recommend that if you are passing through Buhl, to give Cloverleaf Creamery a shot. I have also found that milk out of a  glass bottle is also a wonderous thing. Too bad I don’t know of any nearby dairies in my neck of the woods in California. It is probably for the best though; otherwise I might spend all of my money on milk.

After cruising around in the only 80’s car I’d ever own I made it back to the house to get the 1958 Edsel Wagon going to putt around the yard. My grandfather has some Swedish contacts that tell him to buy some cars and get them running enough for them to be shipped over. One of their requests was an Edsel Wagon. I used this opportunity to drive an Edsel and a station wagon, because I have not done either. I like wagons a lot because I see the practicality in them. They have more space, so I can fit my friends, my stuff, or a place to sleep when I travel. I also wanted to drive it to annoy my Edsel fanatic friend Jason Peters.

I had to grab a gallon can with a hose to get it to run and had to charge the battery for a while. I originally tried to jump it with the Tundra and got it to fire for about 30 seconds but by the time I jumped in the wagon…it died. I threw the battery charger on it for half anwp_ss_20150519_0004 hour and then she fired up. She had a nice rumble to her, might have to do with the not so factory side pipes that it had. The gas pedal was split, so I had to try and feather it as best as possible, but when I got it going I was so happy. I gave my phone to one of the guys hanging out in the shop to video tape me. As I started to go up the hill …it died. Just my luck. After another jump though she was back in the mix. I enjoyed my little putt around the yard and definitely have added some sort of wagon to my list. As I wandered about in my grocery getter I pictured myself 15 years down the road crossing the country with a wife and kids in some old wagon. All I can say is that my kids will have a different upbringing…

After my wagon adventures I parked her outside and proceeded to see what sort of trouble was being made in the shop. Fast Freddy, the body man that my grandpa will use, was DSC_0061working on the rear 57 Thunderbird bumper. He is known as “Fast Freddy” because, according to my grandfather, “He works so slow he couldn’t catch a cold, but he does fantastic work”. Anyways, I held one end of the rear bumper as Freddy was bending and twisting the other end, then one of the other guys hanging out welded a crack on the bumper. It was interesting to see the way work was being done and yet it was being done well. The precise imprecisions, something that cannot be taught but learned over years of work. I wasn’t looking through the camera when I took the welding shots, I merely set it up and when he said go I would close my eyes and click. Not bad though right? After enough horsing around it was time for dinner and some shuteye though. I’m probably going to take the Shay and see the area.


About mecklin21

I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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