It’s the Final Countdown…for this semester

Last week was my last week of classes and even that was not a full week. Everything is coming to a close though.

WP_20150507_10_22_16_ProIn Chassis class the shortened Belvedere was starting to resemble a real car. Our group found a radiator and support to go along as well as starting to put the darn thing together. Between the work of the two teams, morning and afternoon, she is much closer to a running  vehicle. With the many Belvedere parts between the shop and , “The Red Barn”,(a nearby storage area for the auto program) we could not find a few bits and pieces, such as a fuel pump. The good news is that the afternoon class did all the measurements for a drive shaft to be made, so the next group that comes along can hopefully pick up the pieces and make some headway. It will be interesting for the next group of people though. Our current Chassis teacher, Jon Nadeau”Ned”, is moving back to Maine so next fall we will be having someone new pickup the pieces.

Paint has also been finishing up nicely. We did make a large amount of progress on theDSC_0327 Super Beetle and was just shot in color last night. Yours truly was at work. It was really nice to have a car that the class was working on from bare metal to full paint to see the process on that. Not all of the paint classes have that opportunity to do so, because there is not always a car to paint, but I am glad that I was here to do so. I am definitely looking forward to taking Advanced Paint next semester.

DSC_0307Photography II has been pretty good, though I have to say that this last assignment has been kind of neat and strange at the same time. The task at hand is to do some Journalistic Photography following or documenting something for a period of time, preferably a week. The unlucky subject of my photography…my roommate Drew. Who easier to stalk than your roommate? I got somewhat of a weird feeling doing this, because I usually don’t mind taking pictures of Drew, because I normally do so when we are on trips or working on Ilene (his 1952 Buick Special) however it just seemed odd when I was trying to take pictures of him out in public. I can’t exactly describe it, but having other people in the shot, who are not exactly willing subjects seemed kind of awkward. We’ll see how that ends up though, it is due on Thursday, the day of my final, so I might be able to snap a few more shots.

After all of my finals finish up I will be making the trek to Idaho to visit my grandfather for a little while, then heading back to California. This summer will be pretty busy though. I will be working at Tired Iron Works, in Monrovia, doing whatever it is they need me to do.  I am looking forward to it though.

Oh. A quick blurb on the car show. The car show was very successful and seemed to go well. I was worried in the beginning because we had some rain, but it turned out to be pretty sunny. We definitely had a bigger variety this year, as opposed to last year. More earlier cars than muscle cars. If you would like to check out my pictures from the day, you can look them up here.

Any-who Smeltzer signing off…


About mecklin21

I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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