Spring Break Adventures

So for this Spring Break I decided to drive to Bozeman, Montana to enjoy a week of exploring, adventure,seeing majestic mountains and rugged forests. Things that Kansas lacks. Well, maybe I went there for another reason than just to drive from McPherson Kansas to Bozeman, Montana (maybe).

I set out on my journey on Friday the 13th after dinner stopping in Colby Kansas for the night at a truck stop , staying in the luxurious and accommodating Hotel Tundra. The next morning I made my way through Colorado and Wyoming, eventually making it to Bozeman around 7:00 p.m. at night. I was greeted by the most important reason for my adventure by my girlfriend Emma. Basically the set up was going to be that while Emma would go to class (she had spring break the week before), I would explore the area of Bozeman. When she was out of class she would be my tour guide.

 On Monday I saddled up my trusty two wheeled steed and went south toward the mountains, with no real plan. I cruised up and down streets taking pictures of cars, mountains, and whatever I wanted to. I kept riding towards the mountains and looked for a dirt road to ride, because I really missed mountains. I grew up in the foothills of Southern California. I had mountains right out my back door. I really missed mountains. The road was fairly steep in some sections and some ice on the road made it a little difficult, boy did I wish that I had my mountain bike. Luckily I had thought to bring cycle cross tires for my road bike so I had a little more traction, but my trusty 29er would have been heaven!

Tuesday I decided to spend my day taking a walk around the downtown section of Bozeman, the old town section.  There were buildings from the late eighteen hundreds through the nineteen fifties there and lots of pictures to be taken. I also went to the Gallatin Pioneer Museum, which was located in the old jail that was built in 1911 and used all the way to 1982. It reminded me of the historical society back home. http://gallatinhistorymuseum.org/
 Later in the week I drove up to Hyalite Canyon to do some hiking and to take the Tundra out. Of course it started snowing as soon as I entered the canyon, which only added to it’s beauty. I turned onto the first trail that I found, Moser Creek, and proceeded to take a walk down the trail. I took many many pictures of the scenery, and was very much awestruck.  While I was hiking around I saw some nice trails that I wish that I could have taken the Tundra on, but with the snow and  lack of Four Wheel Drive, I figured that it might not be for the best. This area obviously has some fine snowshoeing in the winter and hiking the rest of the year. Hopefully I can return with my hiking boots when there is less snow on the ground.
DSC_0064While I was in Bozeman I figured I had to hike to The “M”. The “M” was painted on the side of a hill back in 1915 and seems to be a popular destination for hikers. For those of you who are from my neck of the woods, it has, or had, the popularity of Garcia trail. I met some friendly folks and took a lot longer hiking the trail than I expected, mainly due to talking and pictures. I should mention that at the bottom of the trail there was a sign that pointed out two trails. Guess which one I took.


Perhaps one of my favorite points in the trip was later that same day, when Emma had gotten back from school, and we decided to drive up Hyalite Canyon and go to the reservoir. I hadn’t driven terribly far up the canyon earlier because I had to pick her up from school that day. This time we took her jeep. The reservoir was frozen over when we got there and I asked Emma if anyone ice fishes up here? Sure enough as we rounded the bend I glanced over and saw someone ice fishing.


After looking at the reservoir we decided to go on a very bumpy dirt road. We were both very surprised to see a Prius coming off of this road. There are some paved roads that I would not take my mother’s Prius on, let alone a very bumpy dirt one, with some snow patches still on it. Obviously in Montana people treat their Pri-I very differently. Alas, Saturday came, and I had to go. All great things must come to an end.  After heartfelt  goodbyes I took my seat and onto the road I went. Within a few hours of driving, it felt as though it was a dream and that I had been on the road the whole time.

Instead of heading through Colorado, as I did on the way there, I decided to go through South Dakota and Nebraska, mainly because I had never been to South Dakota before. My father is very fond of that state and going through there would only add another half hour to my route. On my trip I drove through some neat small towns and happened on some old junk, as I usually do. I made it all the way to Murdo, South Dakota where I made my stay for the night. As I was driving through Murdo, I noticed that there were quite a few antique automobiles in the area, in particular one museum that was close to the truck stop that I was staying at, ( yup the trusty Hotel Tundra). I wish that I had the chance to go inside, because it intrigued me quite a bit. Putting a stretched Nash in front does draw one’s attention, as would the General Lee. Unfortunately it was Sunday and it was closed.

The next morning I saddled up for the last stretch to McPherson. I can’t say that much happened on that last stretch, as I was anxious to get back. I did have a nice run in with an older gentleman at a McDonalds just as I crossed into Nebraska. We discussed school, cars, and such. You know, the usual. I managed to pull into McPherson not too long after 5:00 p.m., which gave me some time to get ready to get right back into the mix.

Yet another adventure racked up in my time here. That puts me at 38 States that I have gone through, but Montana was definitely one of my favorites.



About mecklin21

I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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