Prime Time!

Last Monday I had my interview to become a Residential Assistant. That essentially means that I will be hanging around the dorm, helping out students, make sure rules aren’t being broken, as well as help out during fire drills and what not. In my opinion that allows me to have more time on my hands, since I am expected to be around the dorm more. My interview went fairly well. What was really nifty is that they asked me all sorts of questions regarding communication and team building. The nifty part was that I was able to always tie it into my experiences in scouting that I have had over the years. I can thank Troop 486 for that. Everyone always says that being an Eagle Scout will serve you well in life. I am always surprised at how often this has rung true for me. There were a few funny points to my interview . First off, one of the question that I was asked was, “At the group interview’s, people thought that you might be too rigid for the job” That was when I asked, “Was that related to when I mentioned if I found someone passed out that I would see if it was sleep deprivation, narcotics, or alcohol abuse?” Turns out that wasn’t the case but I said, “That was my parents coming out of me, because they are both law enforcement”. All of the interviewers said “OH that explains it” and chuckled a bit. When the interview was “finished” they asked me if I had any questions for them or any questions that they did not ask me. I told them , “You never asked me why you should hire me?” Again They chuckled at that a bit too. Lastly I asked if I could still have Drew as a roommate and if he would have to pay full price for a room, since I was technically working off the room. Again I made the interviewers laugh. They were laughing that I was “negotiating”. Apparently I was also the first person to ask that question. Evidently most R.A.’s don’t have roommates to begin with, so asking if the roommate could get the room cheaper was out of the norm. Drew and I have a standing offer that if the other didn’t make the RA position that we would be roommates and try and get a free room. Yesterday I received the email saying that I did get the position, so I am very excited for next year.

DSC_0289The next biggest event of the week was our Friday night prime time on the Beetle. The beetle needs to be finished as soon as possible so some of us from the two paint classes volunteered to come in on Friday night and spray. I had work until 8:30, so I came straight from the cafeteria. I missed most of the last bits of sanding and came in at the fun part. It was suggested that I paint the roof due to my height and reach. So I donned a paint suit and started. I was the first to go, so I was a little nervous. After going through and doing a few coats of primer and DSC_0468primer surfacer we finished …around 11pm. It was extremely fun and exciting though, because only earlier that week I had a used a paint gun for the first time and here I was priming a car.

In case you are wondering the car was primed in the red and the surfacer after is gray. Until next week……



About mecklin21

I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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