Day 7; Ships, Showers, & Seconds

Day Seven; Ships, Showers, & Seconds

Today tops all for the destination thus far but first I need to start off at the beginning.

DSCN1468Jake & Tony woke up early this morning to go get some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, because there are only three locations in Kansas, none of which are close. After that we munched on them (ok devoured), got directions and headed to the starting line. We got a couple of fashionable Krispy Kreme hats. One was attached to our radio antenna, which flew off within four seconds, as Austin predicted, and Austin donned the other making for an entertaining ride.

We stated off the day fine, though it was still very humid, and nat infested. Once we DSCN1446started we immediately hit scenic area going right along the coast, it was also extremely bumpy. To our left was the ocean; to our right was a green algae covered river. I was joking about seeing gators in there, but as we turned a corner, sure enough, we spotted a little guy just sitting in the water not 30 feet from the road. Different type of wildlife than I am used to. The only gators I saw in California were at the zoo.

Everything was smooth sailing until we hit lunch. We had lunch in Myrtle Beach; unfortunately we didn’t really see any of it. There was horrendous traffic heading to the lunch stop, delaying us by quite a bit. We were advised to make our lunch stop as quickly as possible, and leave twenty minutes earlier. Because the heavy traffic we had coming in would be what could expect going out. We pulled up, met the friendly people, grabbed our box lunch, scarfed it down, and were on the road in roughly ten minutes. It was probably the shortest lunch break we had yet. We were very disappointed that we couldn’t stay longer. We always appreciate the hard work everyone puts in to provide good food for us.

DSCN1502After our quick getaway to the starting line we had a good twenty minutes of just sitting around. So did everyone else though. Everyone got out of their cars, and began chatting in the shade. It was really nice because even though this is a competition ,at the end of the day we are all here to get these classics on the road, travel the country ,& meet other people just like us.

Our only issue we had for the day was that we had one racer that really creeped on us. Close enough in fact that we were slightly worried that if we would stab the breaks to slow down that he might hit us if we were not careful. Luckily nothing like that happened. Before that though we took a corner real hard and heard something strange. We looked back to see what it was, a hubcap. We saw it just spin and take a right hand turn into the bushes. We were doing very well, so as we saw it travel far into the brush, we made a quick decision to continue on. Tony later spotted another vintage hubcap to another racer’s car in a field, obviously it was a hard day on hubcaps.

DSCN1538We pulled into Charleston for our stop for the night. These were some of the most polite people I have met so far. There was a car show going on, and we were incorporated into it as well. We met up with Mrs. Gutierrez and her kids again, and all headed to the USS Yorktown, which was right behind the car show. We pretty much had the aircraft carrier to ourselves. Dinner was in the hangar bay, where they gave a presentation to one of the members of the DSCN1578 (2)great race. He has been with the great race for over twenty years, and actually served on the USS Yorktown for 4 years. After dinner and the presentation we were allowed to freely tour the ship, which was pretty nifty. To put it short and simple a tall guy such as myself, 6’6”, could not have served on the ship. Everything was so crammed that I almost hit my head on everything.
As we were leaving the ship a storm blew in and a tremendous amount if rain began to fall. We ran from the ship and piled into Eliza and took off. As soon as we got to our hotel for the night we had to scurry like drowning rats to grab our stuff out of the trunk and get into a dry area.

As a whole today went well. Nothing bad really happened, no turns missed and the like. Our times were pretty good, except for a mysterious 24 seconds on one of the legs, which we are still trying to figure out. We are currently in 39th place and 1st in the division still. Ponca City is in 40th place and only two seconds behind us. Yikes! With only two more days of racing we hope we can keep the spot, but it looks like it will be a close race.





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I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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