Lobster, Tires, & and Ice cream

Lobsters, Ice-cream, & Tires

Today was the day of speedometer calibration, which started at 8:00 a.m. , & and then tech inspection at 4:45 p.m. In between then we were free to do whatever we wanted to, for the most part, within reason.

We started the day out by heading to the one of the local hotels to get our directions for our speedometer calibration. The speedometer calibration consisted of being on a highway, (which was pretty much a straight line), at a constant speed. We were to stay at 50mph for the duration and time ourselves at landmarks, to see how far off we were time-wise. From there, we could adjust the speedometer as close as we could however many clicks we would decide, depending how drastically off we were, which in our case was not too bad.

DSCN0403After that we headed to breakfast and then shopping for supplies for the next few days. The highlight of the day was probably seeing another student from the college, Austin Ehret. Austin lives in the neighboring town of York, so he met up with us at our hotel and we all headed to lunch. Our idea for the day was to find a Lobster Shack. By that we meant an actual shack that pretty much only served lobster, and maybe a few other things. Be careful what you wish for, because that is exactly what we got. We found a little placeDSCN0408 called Beach Plum Lobster Farm. This was literally a little shack tucked behind a building, next to a pond & the woods. The two folks working there, Dave & Tina, were very nice and got us exactly what we had envisioned. When we walked in the first thing Dave said to us is, “I’ve got Lobsters & Clams”. Literally all they had was a tank full of lobsters and a pile of clams. A lobster for each of us and we shared a pile of clams. The place didn’t even have drinks inside; you had to buy them from the vending machine outside.

Once our meal arrived, we all dug in. It was pretty entertaining to everyone else, becauseWP_20140619_004 Austin Hiebert & I had never had lobster before, let alone having to try and break it open with hand tools. Needless to say we had a tough time and had lobster juice everywhere. After that we had to pick up a patched tire for the rental car and then onward to some ice-cream, myself having one called “lobster tracks”. What kind of tracks do lobsters leave? The obvious answer ,is tasty ones! It consisted of Vanilla ice-cream with two types of chocolate bits mixed in. Regular chunks of chocolate and the red lobster colored ones. If you have a chance try it do so, because then you can say you had some lobster in your ice-cream.  Live like the locals right? After that we went back to the hotel to allow Austin Ehret(not to be confused with navigator Austin Hiebert) to go back home.DSCN0418

DSCN0444We still had some time before the tech inspection so we decided to go do another speedo calibration run, because we were still a little off. After we were satisfied with our results, we headed to our tech inspection. Essentially the tech inspection is merely pre-registration & checking to see if everything works properly including all of our safety features. This is also where we needed to take off last year’s Great Race Sticker and slap on the new one. We decided to get some poster board and were able to take the old stickers off and transfer them to the poster board.  Our Fair Lady passed with flying colors, and looks real sharp with her new racing sticker and hub caps.

For most of the trip we are now on our own, because our chaperone, Brian Martin had other obligations to attend to. Thanks Brian! We will try and not get into too much trouble. We are all incredibly excited for tomorrow, because we get a taste of what it is to come. Tomorrow is the Hagerty Trophy Run, which will not affect the results of the race, but helps people get in the mindset and some extra practice.

Tune in next time same Bat-Time, Same Bat Channel. Go Bulldogs!



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I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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