Day 5(Really this time) as well as Day 6 Yukon to McPherson

Due to me falling somewhat behind, as well as the lack of too many events these last two days I a going to combine them into one single post.

Yesterday we merely wanted to visit Cadillac Ranch , outside of Amarillo. I am gong to give you the advice of never listening to a GPS and looking a location up yourself and plotting on a real map. We tried Google and Siri and they both got us lost. Mother told me that supposedly Apple maps have been improved recently, and my response to that was that you get lost , “only most of the time now, instead of all of the time”. After three or four tries we finally found our destination by looking it up in our handy dandy Route 66 guide and looking at that map. We did notice this neat RV park that had its own Cadillac Ranch, they looked much more pristine than the real macoy.


Once we made it to the ranch and walked up to the cars, it was evident that this was the graffiti hot spot, I also noticed that due to the heavy downpour of the night before that it was now Cadillac Lake. It looked as though the cars were slowly slipping beneath the waves. In order to get to different angles we had to tromp through a mud pit, which required much shoe smacking once we were done. After taking pictures and tromping back we headed onto I-40  because we were hoping to get to Yukon, just outside of Oklahoma City, fairly early that day, as opposed to pulling up at 7:00 or 8:00 at night.DSC08308DSC08304DSC08301DSC08287

While Meandering along I-40 we needed a quick rest stop, and a place to stop for lunch. Luckily we found a rest stop and it was probably the nicest rest stop I had ever been to. It was an Art Deco style building, constructed for the sole purpose of being a rest stop, and tornado shelter. It was very clean and decorative, which included some Route 66 Exhibits. The most interesting part though was that a rest stop in Texas had a sign for KFI AM 640. After we started to set up for lunch we realized that we had only two slices of bread left, so we packed up and kept driving to find ourselves a market. We got off the highway at a town called McLean.

WP_20130815_004 DSC08321

McLean was a nice small town with a nice old brick downtown. We meant to just pull in and pick up a loaf of bread, instead we walked around the downtown and checked out their town museum. It was the epitome of what every small town should have. Not only was the museum filled with some of the basic history of the town, but family’s in the town were able to make displays of their family history and how it is connected to the town. While there we also learned that McLean had a German POW camp during World War II. We spent a good half an hour absorbing all of this information. The town market had some of the staples, such as bread,eggs, and milk, but it was primarily a small restaurant. The museum curator stated that when they needed supplies they needed to drive 25 miles north to get them. Another notable part of the town was a restored Philips 66 Gas Station, not only was it a restored Philips 66 gas station, it was the first one in Texas.

DSC_0117 DSC_0130 DSC_0151 DSC_0147 DSC_0116

We mosied on into Shamrock next, where we found a little park, in the sun, and feasted upon our Peanut Butter Sandwiches. While at the park we saw this neat mural of the town and a story about a pilot in the area. Supposedly when he was flying back to base he had the opportunity to fly over his hometown, and he flew so low that he had to look up at the water tower. Apparently some of the town folks complained about it, in which his own mother sent the pilot a letter saying , “if you did it, don’t admit it”. Luckily the mayor came out and said, that these since these boys didn’t have the opportunity to drop a note or say hello, since they were busy fighting a war, so they wanted to fly over the town and let their parents know that they were there. While others complained, as far he was concerned, the pilots were free to knock the penthouse off of the hotel roof. Also in Shamrock was a restored Conoco Station.

DSC08353 WP_20130815_010That was yesterdays adventure now let’s get to today, which is pretty short and sweet.

Essentially since we were so close to Oklahoma City we went and visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and Museum. I personally didn’t know about this, because I was’t even a month old when it happened, But it was a very thoughtful memorial. It was very personal and  a couple of times was truly heart breaking.  If you are ever in the area I would suggest checking it out. Frankly I am not going to describe it to you, for i do not want to sully it. It is best left for one to see it and interpret it for themselves.

DSC08379 DSC_0027 DSC_0024 DSC_0020

After a depressing, yet informative hour, we were back to travel mode. Just before we exited the city I saw a sign painted on a brick building for Hudson and Essex cars. I immediately told mother, very aggressive and assertively, WHERE IS YOUR CAMERA and began scouring the truck, mother than told me, ” You know you could just ask to stop the car.” After taking pictures of that sign I noticed that there was a faint Chevrolet sign near it as well as a metal sign for Packard on the front facade. We also made a quick drive by the capitol building to get a few snapshots before making the long haul to McPherson.

DSC_0119 DSC_0094 DSC_0064 DSC_0058

I do have to say McPherson does have a beautiful downtown, with many brick building as well as a small town America feel, which was evident when we were at the coffee shop, having hot drinks, listening to a local girl play her guitar, whom everyone knew. Well it’s getting late and I’ll try to share with you what happens tomorrow.

DSC_0126 DSC_0143 DSC_0147 DSC_0186

Good Night and Good Luck

DSC_0179 DSC_0181


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I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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