Business 101

Bye Bye Vintage Ford.

Working at The Early Ford shop this summer has not only expanded my knowledge of vintage car parts, but has been a great introduction to the business side of running a first class car shop as well.

Today wrapped the final days of Vintage Ford. Most of you have probably not heard that Vintage Ford in Duarte was closing it’s doors, so Ed, the owner, called Mike asking he if would be interested in anything he had. Over the last week there have been many negotiations and many pickups going to and from Vintage Ford to the Early Ford store in San Dimas.


I was only involved in two loads. One, going from Early Ford to storage, and another loading from Vintage to Early Ford. According to Mike there have been at least 3 Truck Loads and 3 Van loads. As sad as it is to see another business go under it is nice to see that it is strengthening the McGrath’s. This was quite a bargain for The Early Ford Store, who picked up Vintage’s inventory, phone number, website, customer information, and wholesale supplier books.


Where does the business lesson come in? I learned that in these close knit enterprises, it’s nice to know that when doors close, new ones open.  It is good business to be nice to other shop owners, even if they are competition. When Ed moved from Huntington Beach to Duarte he called Mike on many occasions to ask questions. Mike obliged and answered any questions that Ed had to help him out. In return, as it became apparent that Ed was going to cash out, the first place he called was The Early Ford Store.

WP_20130802_015 WP_20130802_016

Goodbye Vintage Ford. Hopefully Ed and his wife will enjoy retirement and a good dealing of traveling.  As of tomorrow when you call Vintage Ford, your call will be directed to our Early Ford, and in a week or two the same will be said of the website.



About mecklin21

I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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