San Dimas Car Show July 28, 2013

Yesterday I spent the day in the Ford shop, and running around the San Dimas Sherriff’s booster club car show. I spent about an even split of time at each location. For the most part the Ford Shop was a party, in which free beer and soda was handed out, with people just shooting the breeze.

2013-07-28 10.33.33 2013-07-28 10.37.47 2013-07-28 10.38.00 2013-07-28 10.40.30

As I first pulled into the back parking lot behind the Ford store I was bombarded with a vast amount of classic cars. Bill said that there was a car show in the back lot, and boy was he not kidding. I referred to it as the cheapskates car show. Out front was even more amazing. My friend, and adoptive grandfather, Mr. Parker and I walked up and down getting a first glance at all the cars, as well as having the Hotdoggers at the Weinermobile take our picture. Unfortunately they have still not sent that picture to my email.


There were cars lined up from the Depot next to the tracks to the Albertsons on the other side on San Dimas Avenue. There were more than just the usual suspects of 40 Fords and 57 Chevys. I spotted a few 30s Chevrolets, some Studebakers, a 57 Rambler, Nash Metropolitan, and a few other goodies. The best however was the Weinermobile.

2013-07-28 09.46.07

When I wasn’t at the Ford shop meandering or selling T-Shirts I was out looking at cars or sitting with the Ford Club. The Ford Club had four vehicles entered. Mr. Parker brought his 40 Sedan Delivery, Don Dexter brought his 51 Shoebox, Keith Miller drove his 36 Packard, and another member brought his 44 Flatbed. Two cars down from Mr. Parkers sedan delivery was my favorite pickup, a bone stock 1946 Chevrolet with a black and blue paint job. I learned that the truck is currently owned by two brothers, but their father was the one who had restored almost all of the truck. The truck was nearly at the end, and he died. The brothers finished the restoration and took a picture of the truck with the trophy next to it, however they also photoshoped their dad into the picture leaning up against the truck with a smile that looks as though his truck had just won a trophy.

2013-07-28 11.50.14 2013-07-28 15.13.59

Another favorite of mine was a Model A pickup. It has an extended cab in a very subtle manner. The owner bought a 5 window coupe and chopped off the rear end and put a pickup bed instead. It is flawless and doesn’t look at all out of the place. It actually looks like it could have been a Ford option. He did this though to create extra leg room, because us taller folk could never fit in a normal Model A. Mr. Parker has been wanting me to see this pickup for a while, because it is some good craftsman ship as well as that it is pretty much the only way I could have a Model A pickup.

2013-07-28 09.36.30 2013-07-28 09.41.46

I also was able to see a collection of Model A Roadsters and a 32 Coupe that belong to a Ford shop regular named Moses. Apparently both of the roadsters raced at Bonneville. I was able to sit in one, but it was a tight squeeze and my head was over the windshield by a large margin. If I were to have that car it would make more sense to take out the windshield and put on goggles. Ah the curse of being tall. While on the subject of the curse, the 46 Chevy pickup owners let me sit in the truck. I had a couple of inches of headroom, so I could fit in one! Woohoo!

2013-07-28 10.36.40 2013-07-28 11.34.11

Mr. Parker’s pick was the Helm’s bakery truck. He fondly remembered the Helm’s bakery trucks coming to his neighborhood, and him being able to ask for something somewhat irregular, like a raspberry muffin, “and the driver would go to one of his many drawers pull it out and in the back of the drawer would be one”.

2013-07-28 09.14.23

I am happy to say that the Helm’s bakery took home a trophy as well as Mr. Parker and Keith Miller.

2013-07-28 09.22.07 2013-07-28 12.03.52 2013-07-28 13.51.42 2013-07-28 16.15.43I

I’m going to post some more pictures later, however I don’t want to overwhelm this one blog post. I am going to try to create a gallery page and post pictures there later.


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I'm a Southern California kid who ended up in the middle of McPherson Kansas pursuing a degree in Automotive Restoration at McPherson College. I own a 1940 Plymouth Pickup, which I am restoring, and enjoy adventures, writing, & photography.
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